The MH Program

The Meetinghouse is a media initiative hosted by Dr Dwight A Moody to promote conversation on religion and American life. The News, Commentary, and Conversations on this web site will relate religion to every area of life, including the person and the public: from organized religion to spirituality, books and movies, politics and public life, business and enterprise, media and entertainment, and private morality and social justice. Beginning in the spring of 2019, the focus of much of the content will be the role of religion in the 2020 presidential election. 


The program features news, book reviews, commentary, and conversations with noted guests, including, but not limited to: actors, artists, authors, athletes, entertainers, professors, ministers, agitators, organizers, politicians, mayors, governors, presidents, and–for the next few months–candidates. All Interviews/conversations shows are recorded, edited, and published as podcasts; the News and Commentaries are also archived elsewhere on this web site. 


In the fall of 2019 and continuing into the foreseeable future, The Meetinghouse will also be available in a video format. Dr. Moody will publish each week a video podcast and also launch the Meetinghouse Mashup–an eight minute talk recorded each Wednesday drawing upon the elements as the print version: the News, Book Reviews, Commentary, and Interviews. You can subscribe to this weekly program at Dr. Moody’s YouTube channel, Dwight A. Moody.


Landscape pictures featured on the PODCAST page are graciously provided by Dr. Moody’s high school classmate (Hazelwood High School, St. Louis) and long time friend in the ministry, Dr. Tom Billings, recently retired as Director of Missions for the Union Baptist Association, Houston, Texas.

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The MH Host

Dwight A Moody has fulfilled his ministerial calling as a pastor, preacher, author, administrator, professor, social entrepreneur, and radio host. 


Born, raised and educated in Kentucky, he graduated from Georgetown College (1972) and studied also at Jerusalem University College and Notre Dame University. He holds the Doctor of Philosophy degree in systematic theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1982).


Dr Moody has served as pastor of churches in Holton, Indiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Owensboro, Kentucky. From 1997 to 2008, he was dean of the chapel and professor of religion at Georgetown College in Kentucky. In 2009, he founded the Academy of Preachers and served as its first president until 2017.


Dr. Moody is the author of five books and many scholarly and popular articles. He is the editor of the festival sermon book series published from 2010-2018 by the Academy of Preachers, now totaling nine volumes all published by Chalice Press. His weekly column on religion and American life is distributed each Thursday morning and interested persons may join the weekly readers by using the subscription feature at the bottom of this page.


To invite Dr. Moody to preach at your church or event, to write an article or column, to speak at your church or civic event, to coach you as a preacher, leader, or parent, or to serve as interim pastor, president, or executive, please  call him at 859-229-8642 or write him at dwightamoody@gmail.

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Board of Advisors

Valerie Bridgeman
Dean, Methodist School Theology of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio


Lori Carrell
Chancellor, University of Minnesota, Rochester, MN


Charles Kimball
Chair, Religion Department, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma


Everett McCorvey
Director of Opera, University of Kentucky, National Chorale, and American Spiritual Ensemble, Lexington KY


Bob Mong
President, University of North Texas at Dallas, Texas


Jay Akkerman
Dean, Northwest Nazarene University, Idaho


Tom Krattenmacker
Columnist USA TODAY newspaper, Director of Public Relations, Yale Divinity School, New Haven CT


Molly Marshall
Columnist, Baptist Global News, President, Central Baptist Seminary, Kansas City, Kansas


Jennifer Cronin
Teaching Professor of Business Communication, University of Notre Dame