“The Revival We Need”


Dwight A. Moody 

“What this country needs is a real revival.”


It is a statement I read regularly and hear occasionally. I always ask in response, “What would that look like?”


I am curious as to what people imagine such an event might be. I remember the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. That was a revival, but it was unlike what established church people thought the country needed.


The United States has had a few religious movements that impacted much of the nation. We call two of them the First Great Awakening (led by New York evangelist Charles G. Finney) and the Second Great Awakening (led by itinerate Methodist John Wesley).


If another religious revival were to sweep the country, what would happen? Who would be influenced? How would our country be different? …




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On the Other Side of Oddville

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