Here Is What Happened

The article that originally appeared on this page has been moved.


Here is what happened.  I wrote an article about an ugly incident in a church in our county, an incident with racial overtones. The article was altogether true. But I broke a confidence by including a detail I did not have permission to share. I regret this deeply. I have removed that part of the article and apologized to the person whose confidence I broke.


Because the article aroused such emotional response in the members and leaders of the church, I have (at their request) removed the link (at least for a while). Furthermore, I will not read the commentary on my radio show tomorrow as I normally do.


I apologize to my readers. The vast majority of you would have had no knowledge of what church and persons were referenced in the article because they were not named in the article.


I will return next week with another article. Thank you for your interest.


Dwight A. Moody