MH News July 18, 2019

Christian Book Distributors has been around for a long time, using the corporate brand CBD. (I myself have ordered many books from them over the years.) It was started 40 years ago by two brothers out of their parent’s home. Now it employs 600 people selling literature, DVDs, giftware, and home school products to churches, institutions and individuals. But now their brand has run headlong into competition—not the books but the initials: CBD. That also represents a component in weed: marijuana. The booksellers have been inundated with calls for weed! Now the booksellers will go by the name Christianbook.


Simmons College of Kentucky has expanded the reach of The Angela Project with a launch of 40 Days of Prayer for the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery. Simmons College is an historically black college in Louisville, in a long-running renaissance under the leadership of famed Louisville pastor Kevin Cosby. The Angela Project focuses attention of 2019 as the 400th anniversary of the beginning of the slave trade to what later became the United States; Angela is the name of the first African captured and sold as a slave in the modern slave trade. The effort launched July 12 and will conclude August 20. Download the guide HERE.


The Anglican Church of Canada elected a presiding bishop and for the first time it is a woman! She is Rev. Linda Nicholls, the Bishop of the Diocese of Huron. She was elected on the fourth ballot from a slate of five candidates. “You have bestowed on me an honor that I can hardly imagine,” she said, “and it is terrifying. But it is also a gift, to be able to walk with the whole of the Anglican Church of Canada from coast to coast to coast.” Nicholls is a life-long Anglican and was ordained a priest in 1986. She has served in numerous official positions over the last 30 years and earned three degrees, including the Doctor of Ministry from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. That Anglican Church of Canada is a sister communion to The Episcopal Church of America, and both are members of the global Anglican Communion, led by the archbishop of Canterbury. At the same annual meeting in Vancouver, the Church failed to secure the necessary two third approval in all three chambers for approval of same sex marriage.

New York

Turns out, the story of last week about the resignation of pastor Amy Brown from Riverside Church in New York City is much longer and more complicated than first reported. The congregation held a meeting this past Sunday in which many more details were presented, including an investigation of unwanted sexual harassment of ministers by a church member and a first-person account of the event that, ostensibly, triggered the parting of the ways. There is now a call for a congregational meeting to be scheduled to allow all the members an opportunity to vote on the tenure of Pastor Amy, as she is affectionately called. Stay tuned.

Washington DC

The United States Department of State hosted and convened a gathering of religious leaders around the globe to discuss religious persecution and religious freedom. Call a Ministerial, the three-day meeting opened with addresses by an American rabbi, a New Zealand Imam, and a Christian leader from Siri Lanka. Special Ambassador for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback reported that, according to research by the Pew Trust, religious freedom around the world has declined significantly between 2007 and 2017. More than 1,000 persons are attending the event.