MH Podcasts

Dr. Moody & MH Guests


Tom Krattenmaker
Religion and the Court
Coming Soon!!

Terry Ellis, Lauren DeWitt

Addiction, Conversion, Family

Robert P. Jones

Christian Nationalism

Paul Djupe  
Christian Nationalism


Tom Krattenmaker
Christian Crusade


Mark Wingfield
2021 Review


Dwight A. Moody:
“The Christian Crusade”


Kenyatta Gilbert &
“The Catholic Court”


Gospel Work during COVID
Revs. Pennington, Campbell,
& Florer-Bixler


News with Tom Krattenmaker


News with David Shea
Movie Review: C S Lewis


Dr. Lori Carrell
Communicate for a Change


Dr. Moody Live at the 
Brunswick Courthouse


Dr. Moody: News, Views, &
“Clean and Unclean”


Imam Ihsan Bagby
2020 Mosque Survey


Dwight A. Moody (solo)
News, Commentary,
and Book Review


Kevin Cosby, 
Tom Krattenmaker


Nancy Petty &
David Shea

News & Commentary
“I Was A Stranger”

Susannah Larry &
Sexualized Violence

Diana Butler Bass,
News w/Rabbi Rachael

Tom Krattenmaker,
the News, and ADOS

The News & Brian McLaren

Dr. D, Kate B &
“The Church We Need”

Tom Krattenmaker &
“Bucking the Trend”

Jennifer Jones Austin &
Critical Race Theory

Mark Jefferson & 
“Yes, I’m Woke!”

Rana Moody, “Holy Mary” & Israel 2022

Ryan Burge, SBC, &
“No Soup for You”

Stephanie Spellers 
SBC Report 

LGBTQ and Suicide
Annie Snow 

Climate Justice
David Wheeler 

Race, Religion, and Us #4
Dwight A. Moody

Race, Religion, and Us #3
William Ligon 

Race, Religion, and Us #2
Dwight A. Moody

Race, Religion, and Us #1

Brian McLaren 
Faith After Doubt

James Merritt 
Church, COVID, and the SBC

Dwight A. Moody
Who’s Quitting Church?

John Prine Special

Ryan Burge
The Nones

Winterbourne Jones
Art, Church, and Impact 

Marc Gopin
Violence in America

James Beverley
Pentecostal Prophecy

Angela Brown
Theater and Opera

Bill Leonard
Evangelicals and Baptists

Dominique Robinson
Black Church in America

Jim Applegate
Higher Education and COVID

Rachael Bregman
Race, Religion, Politics

Black Lives Matter
Anthony Reddie 

AoP Preachers:
Richard Martin, Andre Morton

Lauren DeWitt
Catholic Convert

John Fea
Election and Riot

Mark Wingfield
The News of 2020 & 2021

Marc Copin
Conflict Resolution

Dwight A. Moody
Glynn County, 2020, & MH

AoP Preachers 
Molly Tucker, Wil Wilson

Kenneth Overton 

Thanksgiving 2020
“Soundtrack of My Life”

AoP & Joseph Howard
GTM File: Tom Moody 

Ike Moody
Art and Incarceration

11/05 Jennifer Long
2020 Election & Perfecto Coffee

10/29 Dan Guerra 
Stressed or Centered 

10/22 Amanda Tyler 
Christian Nationalism

10/15 Jayne Violette
Public Rhetoric 

10/08 Kate B
VP Debate/2020

10/1 Kris Norris 
Witnessing Whiteness

9/24 Julie Jordan 
Election 2020 

9/17 John Perry 
Progress in Brunswick GA

9/10  Dr. Robert P Jones
White Too Long

9/03 Dr. Greg Stautenburg
Journey Out of Religion 

8/27  Fr. P. J. McManus
Sacraments & COVID

8/20 Shaker Village 

8/13  David Gushee
Christian Humanism

8/06  John Prine Feature 

7/30  Rabbi Rachael Bregman 
Pandemic and Race

7/23 Dr. Hershael York 
Pandemic and Race

7.16 Kate B,
Disruption of 2020

7.09 Everett McCorvey, Church & State

7.02 Napp Nazworth, Evangelical Christians

6.25 Tedrin Blair Lindsay, Gay Christians 

6/18 Titania Cook, Juneteenth, Brunswick

6/11 David Yarborough, Brunswick 

6/04 John Perry NAACP Brunswick

5/28 Carol Patterson, New Jersey

5/21 Brad Creed, Buies Creek, NC

5/14 Kevin Cosby, Louisville, KY 

5/7  John Powers, NAACP, Brunswick

4/30 Patti Callahan, Bluffton SC 

4/23 Dwight A. Moody, St. Simons Island 

4/16 Wright Culpepper, Brunswick

4/9  David Emery, Tulsa

4/2 Mayor Cornell Harvey, Brunswick

3/26 Brenda Iglehart, St. Simons

3/17  Sam, KateB, Italy

3/12, KateB, Tony Lankford, St. Simons

3/5  Rachael Bregman
, Brunswick

Podcasts: General Archive

These PODCASTS feature Dr. Moody’s conversations with a wide array of religious leaders talking about ideas, events, books, trends, journeys, movies, churches, conflicts, and well, just about anything you can imagine. Enjoy.

Video Podcasts 

Brian McLaren: Migrating Christianity

Wil Gafney: Womanist Theology

Don Casey, part 1: “Koinonia, Habitat & Jubilee”

Don Casey, part 2: “Koinonia, Habitat & Jubilee”

Casey Cole: Franciscan Friar

Audio Podcasts

Amy Lotson Roberts: Gullah Geechee

Sergius Halvorsen: Orthodox Apologetics

Leah Schade: Her book “Preaching in the Purple Zone”

Molly Marshall: Baptists and Benedictines

Thomas Oord: God Can’t (the book!)

Young Preachers: National Festival of Young Preachers (AoP 2019)

Nik Ripkin: Islam and Christianity 

Columba Maynus and the Benedictine Monastery 

Terry Ellis: My Journey into and out of Addiction. 

Everett McCorvey and the American Spiritual Ensemble 

Tim Sledge and his book Goodbye, Jesus 

Ihsan Bagby: Muslims in America 

Fisher Humphreys: The Purposes of God 

Ike Moody: Art, Incarceration, & Galveston

Melani McAlister and Evangelicals in America

Steve Bezner and Hurricane Harvey Aftermath  

Brad Braxton and the
African American Museum (Smithsonian)  

Mark Slaughter and the Ministry of Worship Arts 

Kenyatta Gilbert and Social Justice Preaching 

Ernest Brooks and the Academy of Preachers   

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz and American Catholicism

Podcasts: Dwight A. Moody

These PODCASTS include those that feature Dr. Moody recording his commentaries, books, and other writings.

David, Goliath, and Donald Trump (with the News)

Loving Our Neighbor (with the News)

Preaching Us Together 


Free and Faithful 3
Raised to Walk in Newness of Life

Free and Faithful 2
Name Your Daughters Hannah

Free and Faithful 1
Preface and Introduction

The Meetinghouse

Nine Marks of a Good Sermon