Welcome to The Meetinghouse the week of September 12, 2019. 


The NEWS in Religion: Southern Baptists set Baptism Sunday. Episcopal seminary creates reparations Endowment. Noted minister commits suicide. Wife pulls gun in church dispute.  Benny Hinn changes course (maybe).

My COMMENTARY this week remembers 9-11 and reflects on how the Bible can be emphasized to give attention to immigrants and refugees.

My BOOK REVIEW this week is another book of importance, on Islamic-Christian conversations.  Truth Over Fear: Combating the Lies About Islam.


And here is MASHUP #2–my weekly video program

and the video Podcast for the week, with Don Mosely,
key leader in Koinonia Farms, Habitat for Humanity,
and Jubilee Partners, Part 1 (with Part 2 next week) 

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