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NEWS in Religion for the weeks ending with January 16, 2020, includes a promise made in Miami, an installation in Chicago, a protest in Texas, and a rally in Phoenix. 

Factfulness 2

My COMMENTARY is actually a book Review, a data-driven analysis of the socio-economic conditions around the world that altered by worldview decisively: Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Thigs Are Better Than You Think. My review is entitled Just the Facts!

People attend the funeral mass for Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic at St. Michael's Catholic Cathedral, in Toronto, August 31, 2011.    REUTERS/ Brett Gundlock (CANADA - Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION OBITUARY)

PRAYER OF JESUS:  Here is meditation #3, reflecting on three recent events where we prayed the Prayer and a lament that I did not incorporate it into my worship services throughout my ministerial career. See the new archive of these columns at  Prayer 

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