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Wilton Gregory.

MH News for the week ending  October 29, 2020: Baptist university at odds with its sponsors. Catholic composer on the outs with worship leaders. Praise tour ends in Washington in rain. Catholic prelate elevated to highest rank. Number of mosques up 31% in last decade.   

Watch the powerful Brunswick video.

Robert E Lee Drive

My lead COMMENTARY   responds to the trauma in my local church. I call it “I’m taking a Walk” quoting John Prine. (The link in the distributed newsletter was in error. My apologies.)

Also, I have posted #3 in my series on the Hanging and Baptizing. This one is entitled “A Small Steel Mystery.”

Also, I am posting again my column “Seven Steps Toward Justice”.

Radio This Week
Stressed to Centered

Dan Guerra is the co-author of “From Stressed to Centered” and he will be my quest on MH Radio this week. We will talk about stress levels in the country this week, this year, and also his book.  Listen live on Rejoice Radio. Thursday at 1 pm EST.

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