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In the News:  Supreme Court rules of death bed clergy.  PBS airs four-hour documentary on The Black Church. Ravi Zacharias Ministries issues apology and promise. President Biden reopens White House Faith-based Office. The Meetinghouse announces launch party for March 4. (brought to you by


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Tune into The MH television & FB Live, Thursdays 1 pm EST.  Guest this week is Dr. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St Stephens Baptist Church in Louisville and Ms. Angela Brown, international opera star. Or Visit Dr. Moody’s Podcast page and listen or watch any of the dozens of conversations he has had with interesting people.


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GTM File
Cliff Hagan

My Dad Tom Moody (1923-2013) grew up in the same county and town as the UK and NBA star Cliff Hagan (1931-  ). Did they ever meet and how and when? Read the latest installment in The GTM File: “Did Tom and Cliff Ever Meet?”


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